Allowing For Genuine Connections In Your Life

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Your connections, specifically your relationships with your loved ones, are the most powerful and important aspect of your life in many ways. Deep and profound relationships transcend all of the mundanities of life, and fill you with an impenetrable joy. No matter what life throws at you, having people around you that you love makes all of the difference. Allowing for genuine connections in your life will bring you something that nothing else can; a smile that can never be broken.

Letting Go Of Unhealthy Relationships

The opposite of a genuine connection is a forced and fake relationship. Sometimes there can be a genuine negative connection too, and this is not healthy. You are not going to be everybody’s best friend. You can respect and love everybody for being human, but in terms of your intimate relationships you should choose wisely who you keep close to you. And it is a choice. Do not be afraid to let go of unhealthy relationships if you feel they are not worth the energy, or if they are sapping you of good will. Drift gently away from those who do not bring you light, or those who take without giving.

Building Friendships On Solid Foundations

Do not build friendships in a forced manner, or from a position of an ulterior motive. Friendships should not be founded on opportunity, or on anything other than a genuine connection that you feel towards someone. They should develop at their own pace, and the connection should rise out of an enjoyment of their company, or a respect for their person. Furthermore, and this may surprise some people; friendships which are built on shared interest, but which lack any real substance outside of the activity, rarely develop into genuine connections. It is fine to have these relationships in your life, and they are very enjoyable and social, but you should be aware that true friendship is more than a common interest.

Being True To Yourself

The most solid foundation to build a friendship on is to be true to yourself. Genuine connections will form easily if you simply remain true to yourself, and express who you really are. The more you come into yourself in this way the more fully you will be able to form genuine connections with others, who will admire you for who you are. If you are not yourself then you cannot be fulfilled by friendships, because you are not being genuine with the people who you are trying to form them with. Genuine connection occurs when everyone involved is being themselves, and accepting each other for who they are.

See The Best In People, But Don’t Expect The World

You should always see the best in people. This will help you to accept them for who they are, and in turn they will accept you. This includes embracing their “negative” sides, or the things about them that you find annoying, or are not in agreement with. You will never fully agree with anyone, and if you did then the world would be a pretty uninspiring place. So embrace people for who they are, and expect the same from them. Do not, however, expect the whole world from anyone, no matter how amazing you think they are. Over expectations drag budding friendships downhill; the once unconditional acceptance becomes a conditional one.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to having genuine connections in your life, it is quality over quantity every time. You would be much better off with a small handful of amazing loved ones, than you would be with hundreds of associates, or people to “hang out” with. Genuine connections are rare and valuable. Respect them, and be happy to even have one person in your life who you share this mutual understanding with.

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