9 Ways To Improve Your Bad Mood

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A bad mood is an uncontrollable force. It is not a demonic possession. It is a psychological state that can be adjusted. Sure, sometimes you can just get up on the wrong side of the bed, or a nuance early in the day, before you have even wiped the sleep from your eyelids, can throw you off balance causing you to spiral into a moody haze. Bad moods happen. When they do you should be quick to shake them off. There is no need to spend the whole day, or whole week, in a bad mood. Here are 9 ways to help you get out of it:

1. Listen To Some Music That You Love

Music directly affects your emotional state, and so the clever use of it can bring about almost instant improvements in your mood. You undoubtedly have your own musical preferences, and your own responses to certain types of music. Perhaps you find that some intense rock music helps you rattle the anger out, or perhaps you find that you need some nice soothing orchestral music to wind down and ease the tension. You have to find out for yourself, but with the right music you will soon drift off and forget all about your mood.

2. Go For A Jog

Using your body can lift you out of a bad mood because it releases natural endorphins in response to the exertion. You can sweat out your bad mood by taking a jog, or a brisk walk, or a swim, or whatever form of exercise you prefer. The fresh air will help to clear your mind too.

3. Take It Out On The Punchbag

Do you remember stress balls? What a great invention they are. They are foam balls that are incredibly satisfying to squeeze with a tight, angry, fist. They can be abused and they spring back into place to await more abuse. Eventually, squeezing them relieves stress. A punchbag also works in the same way. If you feel angry or annoyed, then you can go mental on a punchbag until you feel relieved of all negativity. You can even employ your own visualizations if you want; the punchbag can be whatever or whoever you want it to be!

4. Change Your Environment

Sometimes all that is needed to lift your mood is a change of environment. Often, events and the moods that follow them become associated with the place where you are, as if the room holds the very vibrations of your mood. Move to a different room, a different building, or a peaceful place outside while you come back to your usual self. Let the air clear.

5. Take A Breather

When you are in a bad mood it is often best to take a little respite. You could do this alone if you prefer. All that is important is that you remove yourself from the stressor and just relax. Take big deep breaths. This helps to get the oxygen flowing and to restore the body to a more calm physiological state.

6. Have A Little Lift

DO NOT over indulge and turn a bad mood into an unhealthy binge of some variety. Comfort eating/smoking/drinking is a bad idea. However, you could consider a small indulgence as a little lift. Sometimes a little taste of something you enjoy can be enough to bring you out of a mood. Take a nice hot cup of tea for example.

7. Resolve An Underlying Issue

If something specific has caused your bad mood, then you may need to resolve an issue, and this can sometimes be the only way to bring yourself back to a genuinely positive place. It might be as simple as talking to someone. It could be expressing your feelings, confronting a person, or motivating yourself to get a job, or move house. If there is an underlying issue, then be prepared to solve it before your bad mood ever shifts.

8. Vent

If you have very good friends, and you have not abused your relationship with them by moaning constantly, then you may be able to vent your frustrations to a loved one. Sometimes you just need to get it all out, and people who know you well will be happy to lend you an ear. You can let out your anger and frustration and then, as if by magic, you will feel miraculously cured of your bad mood. Good job, because you owe your friend some positive vibes now!

9. Do Something Your Enjoy

There is no point wallowing in your own self pity; that is how a bad mood turns into something much worse. Instead you should get up, get out, and go and do something that you enjoy. You could phone a friend, meet them for some food or a drink, play some tennis, or whatever it is that you know will lift you into a good mood again.

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