7 Ways To Make Your Partner Happy

Happy couple

Happiness comes from within, and so you can never really bring someone happiness; they must find it for themselves just like you. What you can do is find ways to remind your partner of their happiness. A little gesture here and there can remind them of your love, and can lift their mood and spirits higher. There are many ways in which you can do this. Knowing your partner well you can find many creative ways to make their day that little bit brighter. Here are just a few to start you off:

  1. Make Them A Nice Dinner
  2. This one is a tried and tested way to make your partner feel happy. Make them a nice meal; not just a microwaved ready meal, a nice balanced meal that you know they will enjoy. Dig out a recipe and use foods that you know they love. Cook something out of the ordinary, and maybe even go all out and make several courses. Do this as a surprise and time it for when they return home. Another nice thing to do is to get up extra early and make them a nice breakfast.

  3. Take Them Somewhere Nice
  4. Forget about dragging your partner to the local dive for a pint. Take them somewhere nice, somewhere that you can experience that will bring you closer together. You could take them ice-skating for example. Make sure you choose something that they will enjoy, but at the same time don’t be afraid to show them something new and different.

  5. Break The Routine
  6. After a long time of being in a relationship routine can come to almost rule over it. Routine has its merits and is part of the comfort experienced by long term lovers, who do not need anything much to be happy with each other. However, breaking this routine every now and again can make your partner very happy; it brings about a spark of excitement, and lets them know that you have not given up trying to wow them.

  7. Give A Little Gift
  8. You don’t have to break the bank balance to make your partner happy. A gift is not a material gesture, it is simply a reminder that you care. A bunch of flowers can bring a smile to your lover’s face. And you love that smile, don’t you?

  9. A Compliment Here And There
  10. Sometimes you can forget to compliment your loved ones. You still feel positively for them, and you still think nice thoughts, but it just never reaches your tongue. Well, it should. A little compliment every now and again can bring happiness to your partner. Tell them how much their eyes melt you.

  11. Open Up To Them
  12. It is amazing what an emotionally open conversation can do for your partners happiness, and for your own. Tell your partner how you are feeling, the good bits and the bad bits. Keep a constructive and caring tone. Offer them an opportunity to open up to you, and generally create an environment that nurtures their feelings. One of the most powerful things that you can do is to ask your partner if there is anything you can do to make them more happy.

  13. Be Romantic And Passionate
  14. Romance and passion seem to come easily at the start of a relationship, and they can expand indefinitely if they an effort is made to make it so. Do not let the romance and passion die in your relationship; surprise your lover with candles and whisk them off their feet.

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