7 Ways To Help Boost Your Self Esteem

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A low self esteem can damage your happiness and your ability to stay in control of your life. But self esteem is not an personality trait; it is a state of confidence and quiet self assurance. A high self esteem can help you to stroll through life with your head held high. It makes you more able to see the positive in what is around you and to know the opportunities when they come your way. Having a high self esteem makes life a little bit easier. Here are 7 ways to help you to cultivate it:

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
  2. Comparing yourself to others is a fatal mistake, and delivers a knock out blow to your self esteem. You might tend to make comparisons to draw on your own perceived inadequacy; glorifying the people around you, who always seem to be able to walk better, talk better, and achieve more. This glorification is often ill-founded and is never useful to you. Everyone has their own life, their own outstanding qualities, and their own vices; you included. Focus on yourself, and your own life, and forget the false idea that other people are any better, or worse, than you.

  3. Compliment Yourself
  4. How often do you give yourself credit just for being you? Probably not as often as you should. Take a good look in the mirror and give yourself some love. Congratulate yourself for your achievements, and don’t berate yourself too much when you mess things up, or are feeling down. Stay positive about yourself, and physically and verbally communicate this positive energy to your own being. Doing this for just a few moments every day can greatly improve your self esteem.

  5. Make A List
  6. If you are having trouble finding your own positives then it can help to make a list. This is not a childish exercise, it is extremely beneficial for self esteem. You will often be pleasantly surprised, or maybe even deeply shocked, to find that your list is quite extensive; when you really give it thought you will be able to come up with a hundred reasons why you deserve your own esteem. The list could include achievements, admirable traits, and positive qualities or actions, and anything else that you can think of that might help you to merit yourself.

  7. Look After Yourself
  8. It will be nearly impossible to love yourself if you feel like crap. There is no way to feel good unless you are treating yourself with respect, and remaining healthy and balanced. Healthy, nutritious food, plenty of exercise, and good hygiene will all help your self esteem.

  9. Keep A Good Network Of Support And Friendships
  10. Self esteem is personal and should be independent of other people’s opinions of you. Having said that, socializing, and being in good company, seriously help to improve it. This is because human beings are social creatures who have a need to be around others. If the company you keep elates you then your self esteem will be higher. Keeping a solid support network can also help you to keep a positive perspective about yourself when times are hard.

  11. Do Things You Enjoy And Are Good At
  12. If your life largely revolves around activities that do not make you happy then your self esteem will likely suffer. What you choose to do with your time will inevitably effect how you feel. Filling your life with activities that you enjoy, especially if you are good at them or are enjoying a learning curve, will provide you with positive feedback; it shows you your own value.

  13. Do The Right Thing
  14. You will never have a high self esteem if you mostly act out of malice, or with little concern for other people. Consciously or subconsciously your mind will be ridden with guilt and shame. If however, you can succeed in doing the right thing, or at least keep focused on trying, then your self esteem will rise. Compassion and kindness are the most powerful human traits, and to know that you hold them dear to you is the greatest boost to self esteem imaginable.

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